InvenTABLE is your ticket to a world of cardboard crafting made simple. Engineered with kid safety in mind, this tool is here to revolutionize the way you work with cardboard. Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming methods of the past. InvenTABLE cuts through cardboard in a fraction of the time and effort that kids take with currently available tools.

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The Old King’s Crown
JUST LAUNCHED! Strategic board game for 1-4 players. What crown will you wear?
Critter Kitchen – JUST LAUNCHED!
2-5 players compete to gather ingredients, meet challenges, and serve a food critic.
Salon de Paris – JUST LAUNCHED!
Elevate your reputation by displaying paintings on the famous Paris Salon wall.
A Year of New Races and Ancestries
JUST LAUNCHED! Releasing a new ancestry every month in 2024! 
The Bath Towel – JUST LAUNCHED!
A tough, ultra-light bath towel that will keep you dry through the end times and beyond.

Board Game Gear Essentials
JUST LAUNCHED! Level up your board gaming experience with bags and playmats.
High-fantasy setting filled with weird creatures beneath the surface of the planet.
The Hoard of Ghaundal
Embark on a legendary quest to find the ancient hoard of a mythical dragonlord.
Dice Treasure – JUST LAUNCHED!
Steal the Leprechaun’s treasure in this pattern building, set collector game.
This timepiece holds certified lunar dust from a moon meteorite.

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