Get Ready for Kidd Krampus: An Organic Plush

by WildnCrafty Designs

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👋 I'm L, the creator of WildnCrafty Designs. I'm launching my first WildnCrafty Companion - Kidd Krampus! WildnCrafty Companions are organic plush toys that have magnetic mouths and hands for imaginative play, and display. All of their clothes and accessories are made to fit each character, so you can customize your Companion to best suit you.

Krampus with and without their accessories

Kidd Krampus will be about 12" tall (horns included), be slightly weighted, and come with four removable accessories. Two clothing accessories include a Santa cloak and a bell choker (that actually jingles 🔔✨). Two extra accessories include a magnetic tongue and an open/close Santa bag.

"What makes a plush organic"?
        ✅ 100% hypoallergenic
        ✅ Corn PLA fiber and other natural stuffing
        ✅ GOTS certified 100% organic cotton
        ❌ Synthetic fabrics, dyes, or fillers
        ❌ Chemical flame retardants
        ❌ Toxic dyes, pesticides, insecticides or GMOs used on
              cotton that is put into the plush

You can help bring Kidd Krampus to life and get some naughty Krampus-themed rewards by pledging! Rewards include prints, pins, wooden keychains, wrapping paper and of course, Kidd Krampus plushies!

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