Get Ready to Draw Steel

by MCDM Productions

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Everyone at MCDM has made games before, but always for someone else. We’ve made new games for someone else’s company, and our own supplements for someone else’s game. We spent the last five years making supplements for D&D. Strongholds & Followers, Kingdoms & Warfare, The Illrigger, The Beastheart, ARCADIA

We recently released Flee, Mortals!, Where Evil Lives, and The Talent & Psionics to great acclaim. We think every product we’ve put out is better than the last one. 

Now it’s time to make our own game, for ourselves. For you. For your group, for your table. A game that takes everything we’ve learned from decades of design experience and puts it into one package. A game that’s not annoying to work on or tedious to play. A game that’s just more fun.

The MCDM RPG (name still TBD) is a game about heroes, heroes who stop the villains, save the villagers, rescue beautiful dragons from ravening princesses. MCDM RPG heroes worry about monstrous villainy and perfidious treachery, not spell slots or armor class. 

All the things you expect to do in a Heroic Fantasy RPG, you can do in our game. Better, we think, than the game you’re currently playing. We want battles that get more epic as they go, not more tedious. 

Your character doesn’t just swing their sword. Monsters aren’t just bags of hit points. You do cool shit, the monsters do cool shit. We’ve been testing this game for months now, and it’s already working. It’s already fun.

Combat is dynamic, full of movement as heroes and monsters get battered and tossed around. Not just two sides charging at each other and hacking away until one side runs out of resources.

It's not all combat, either! With robust rules for negotiation, crafting, and research, your heroes have lots to do and options for dealing with obstacles beyond simply punching them in the face until they go away. 

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