Get Ready for Deck of Many Insults

by Loke Battle Mats

Do you want to antagonize your way around the adventuring world?

Join 111 other people!
Vicious mockery and table banter made easy!

Loke Battle Mats are frankly a little embarrassed to present our Deck of Many Insults - 100 cards to viciously mock and antagonise your way across the adventuring world.

These sharp observations, comebacks and quips will gain you the upper hand in any verbal altercation. Now your character can deliver devastating dialog with ease, crude cant and profane prose are all at your fingertips!

And for the bards, your Vicious Mockery will land each and every time. Now no one will be in doubt who has scored the verbal victory!

100 put downs, come backs and vicious mocks in a handy deck of cards.

Please note that due to needlessly excessive use of bad language this product is not suitable for any adventurers under the age of 14. Some knowledge of anatomy required.

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