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1 day ago

Project Update: New Art Sketches

Hi all,

Jay here! We're halfway there through this crowdfunding project and I wanted to reach out to show off some new art for Grand Guignol and Harvest. Right now everything's just sketches, but the level of detail being applied to these setting elements do an amazing job of building out the historical world of 18th/19th century England and the strange magic present there.

These depict The Blood That Flows and The Embrace of Night, two setting elements from Grand Guignol, with art by Rowan MacColl. 
These depict the Empire, the University, the Holy Church, and the Deathless Wyrm, four of the powerful masters of Harvest, with art by Sarcoma.

We have just 11 days to support Grand Guignol and Harvest, so be sure to tell your friends. Don't forget that last update we released the manuscript of Grand Guignol to all backers, so if that's something that interests you, be sure to go check it out!





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