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Project Update: Important - Surveys & Shipping

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update to talk about the surveys and shipping.

I am very excited to say that the surveys will be finalised this week and a smoke test will occur either this weekend or next week depending on if everything is signed off by Backerkit.

As you are all aware you will be charged both Shipping and VAT in the pledge manager which you can access once the surveys go live. I will leave things open for changes until we can begin fulfilment so you have time to confirm addresses and complete your payment details.

Shipping is as follows here depending on your location and pledge level, everything is done by weight so be aware that these may vary depending on the add-ons you have purchased.

Shipping and fulfilment is being handled by Gamesquest, who are a leading partner in the industry, so you can rest assured your game will arrive safely.

A note on VAT

This is my first large scale project, so to ensure I was doing my due diligence and making all the right legal moves, I consulted an accountant and legal advisor to help me navigate the scary world of Business Tax.

I have been made aware that in the UK, if a business reaches over £85,000 GBP in revenue in within a single year, they must become VAT registered and charge tax on all goods.

In our case, the campaign reached lower than that threshold but we must also factor in the additional revenue paid in for shipping which would take us well over this number.

What does this mean?
This means that to continue as a business and avoid any legal issues all UK backers will be charged VAT during the pledge manager stage. Shipping will also be subject to VAT.

As an example, here in the UK, VAT is charged at a flat 20%.

So if you pledged at £15 and £10 for shipping = £25, you will be charged £5 (20% of £25) to cover the VAT.

The good news is that this will handle importing issues which allows us to import products into the EU, US and all locations far easier and make it less of a headache on your end.

If you are familiar with crowdfunding, this may not be a surprise to you but I though it prudent to ensure the information is readily available.

I hope this helps clear things up.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

-Crossed Paths Team.

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