Digital Downloads

The easiest way to deliver digital downloads.

Don’t spend extra money on file hosting.

Other free hosting services have storage, bandwidth, and user connection limits. With BackerKit, you get unlimited and unrestricted downloads.

  • Unlimited download limits
  • Distribute as often as needed
  • Included in all BackerKit plans

Ensure backers receive exactly what they ordered.

Getting the wrong digital file type can be frustrating. BackerKit makes it easy to import and select which backers receive specific downloads.

  • Collect individual download preferences
  • Detailed dashboard organizes everything
  • Easily distribute multiple file types

Digital downloads made seamless for your backers.

Backers can specify and receive downloads directly from their BackerKit survey.

Automate your digital downloads with ease.

Don’t repeat the file delivery process each time a new order comes in. Enable auto-delivery to just set it and forget it.

  • Auto-distribute downloads to new backers
  • Automatically send delivery notifications
  • Easily deliver digital Kickstarter rewards
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